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Careers evolve throughout one's life journey, traversing in many directions, sometimes all at once or one at a time. From the day a student enters Rutgers, Master of Science in Mathematical Finance program until the day they retire, careers services is available 24/7. Our support begins that first day on campus assisting each student, individually, to discover, develop and realize their unique abilities and motivations. Thereafter, they identify where and how to successfully sell those traits in business, domestically and internationally. Upon graduation, MSMF alumni become the centerpiece of our continued existence. Together we create win-win opportunities in the pursuit of excellence; especially, in career management.

Faculty Positions

Positions in Masters of Mathematical Finance Program

Data Science - Part Time Adjunct Lecturer (2 positions)

The Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance Program at the Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick invites applications for qualified experienced industry practitioners to serve as part-time adjunct lecturers for 2 new course offerings in data science. Financial companies of today are increasingly focused on leveraging large-scale data and machine learning applications to solve real world financial problems. Whether our students will be working in a bank, asset management company, hedge fund or fintech startup; whether they will end up in trading, modeling, policy-making; regulation or research – we want them to have a solid and deep understanding of the tools and techniques of data science in finance.

As such, we are seeking industry practitioners with experience in data science, finance and analytics for two areas of focus:

1) large scale data – For the large-scale data course we seek instructors with professional experience in practical applications of large-scale data analytics, big data technologies, and predictive analytics.

2) machine learning – For the machine learning course we seek individuals with a strong understanding of theory of machine learning and implementation of ML theory to solve real large scale financial problems.

Applicants should have a master’s or doctoral (preferred) degree in a related technical field, be eligible to work without university sponsorship, and available to teach a 3-hour course that meets once per week on a weeknight or during the day on a weekend.Applicants should have a master’s or doctoral (preferred) degree in a related technical field, be eligible to work without university sponsorship, and available to teach a 3-hour course that meets once per week on a weeknight or during the day on a weekend.

Apply at

Positions in Department of Mathematics 

The Department of Mathematics advertises tenured, tenure-track, and post-doctoral level assistant professorships on its positions available webpage. The Mathematical Finance program strongly encourages applicants with research background in probability theory, mathematical finance, or computational finance to apply. Please notify Professors Paul Feehan (feehan (at) or Dan Ocone (ocone (at) of your application, so we can bring it to the attention of the hiring committee of the Department of Mathematics.

Please be certain that your recommenders understand that they can not email letters of recommendation to Professors Ocone or Feehan: they must submit their letters using MathJobs which you should also use to submit your application online, indicating your primary research area of interest as Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, area 60 in the AMS classification.

Notes on Hiring for Faculty Positions

  • The Director of the Mathematical Finance program welcomes suggestions of candidates at any hiring level;
  • Hiring for the Mathematical Finance program is carried out by the individual departments which sponsor the program;
  • The Department of Mathematics always welcomes applications from outstanding candidates regardless of research area;
  • At the moment, probability and mathematical finance are not priority research areas for hiring by the Department of Mathematics, although that is subject to change;
  • The official statements of the Department of Mathematics on hiring and hiring priorities, as well as descriptions of open positions and application procedures, are available here.
  • The Department of Mathematics supports the Mathematical Finance program, and creation of a hiring priority in probability and mathematical finance in the near future is a distinct possibility.
  • Please visit the Department of Statistics for descriptions of their open positions.

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