Current Course Schedule


Mathematics 16:643:630 Seminar in Mathematical Finance


This one-half credit credit seminar course is offered every Fall and Spring semester and meets approximately once per week. The times and locations of upcoming seminar events eligible for credit are announced by the Director of Career Management Services on Sakai or Quant Careers, with an overview provided on our mathematical finance career workshops web page.

Course Abstract

In order to ensure adequate professional career preparation, full-time students pursuing the Mathematical Finance Option of our Master of Science in Mathematics degree program are required to attend a minimum number of events eligible for credit in mathematical finance theory, industry practice, and career preparation. The events are organized by the program director, associate director, and affiliated faculty. Event presentations are given by invited academic researchers, financial industry practitioners, and mathematical finance program staff and affiliated faculty. Full-time students are required to enroll in the seminar for each one of their first two regular semesters.


The seminar is open to all mathematical finance master's degree students. All students admitted for Fall 2010 or after are required to register.

Sakai and Quant Careers

Material related to the events will be posted on Sakai or Quant Careers and available to registered students.


Students receive satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) grades. In order to graduate, students must receive satisfactory grades for two semesters. Attendance is taken at each event eligible for seminar credit and advance registration is required. To achieve a satisfactory grade, students must attend two-thirds or more of events which the Associate Director has indicated as eligible for credit. Please refer to Sakai or Quant Careers accouncements for additional information regarding minimum attendance requirements.


Only students who have "full time" internships; which means 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, are excused from taking the Math 630 Seminar course. In those cases, their internship will count towards that semesters' Math 630 seminar requirement.