Updating Your Contact Information and Obtaining a Rutgers Email Address and NetID

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       During the summer we shall periodically send you the information you will need prior to your arrival at Rutgers. It is very important that you inform us immediately of any changes to your email or mail address. If your current email address will change before September, please provide us with a new email address.

We strongly recommend that you select a Rutgers email address and personal NetID now by following the instructions on our email communications page. Your primary Rutgers email address will be of the form NetID (at) rutgers.edu; your NetID and password will give you access to important Rutgers web services.

You may find it convenient to keep your Rutgers email address primarily as your academic work address and a commercial email address for everything else. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and Fastmail are popular providers of free email accounts.

Registration, Academic Calendar, and Deadlines

Most students will register for the four courses indicated for the first Fall semester of the degree program, for information please visit Sample Schedules and Course Registration Advice ; questions or concerns about alternative choices should be addressed to the Mathematical Finance Program Director.

For information on how to register, please visit the Office of the New Brunswick Registrar; please take note of the Academic calendar and Graduate Registration Calendar
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Tuition Rates and Fees

Tuition rates and fees are updated shortly after July 15 each year.

Financial Support

There is, unfortunately, no financial assistance (scholarships, fellowships, teaching or research assistantships) available for master's degree students.

The Department of Mathematics hires graders for calculus courses each semester and traditionally gives our master's degree students priority; however, compensation for these positions will at most allow students to, for example, purchase required textbooks, software, or computer accessories. If you are interested in being considered for grader positions, please inform the Senior Program Coordinator Supervisor.

Funding information, primarily for domestic students and usually in the form of student loans, is provided by the Graduate School-New Brunswick Financial Aid and Graduate Admissions Funding Opportunities pages.

Our program will assist students with searches for summer internships or full-time positions. Domestic or international students — through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) — may continue their internships through the second year and complete the degree program as part-time students.

If you are currently employed in the financial industry, please contact your manager to see if your employer will provide tuition assistance.

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Financial or visa documents are not handled by the Department of Mathematics and should be sent when requested, to Graduate Admissions or the Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services (for students who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents).

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All questions about on or off-campus housing should be referred to the Office of Residence Life and Housing.



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Pre-Enrollment Preparation

Our program is challenging and you will experience success only if you are well-prepared. Please see the Academic Preparation page for more information on how to best use your time between now and September to prepare for the program. 
We encourage students to enroll in the MSMF Summer Review and Preparation Bootcamp, which offers a ten-day review and preparation program that covers fundamental topics in undergraduate mathematics. We have found that MSMF students who have strong foundations in these topics are well equipped to successfully complete subsequent MSMF graduate courses.


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 School of Graduate Studies- New Brunswick New Student Orientation

The School of Graduate Studies New Student Orientation is usually held in late August. Fall classes start in late August or early September.

International Student Orientation

These events are usually scheduled by the Center for International Faculty and Student Services (CIFSS) in late August, according to their information page. For certain orientation events organized by CIFSS, registration and a nominal fee is required to attend. The International students should carefully review the booklet entitled "Information for New International Students and Scholars" which was included in your admissions packet. This booklet is designed specifically for international students. The International Student Center (CIFSS) put a great deal of effort into the creation of this booklet and it should answer many questions typically asked by new international students.

Umbrella, Yellow, Black, White, Selection, EspeciallyMathematical Finance Student Orientation

Our program's orientation day is usually scheduled in late August and the agenda will include the following items:

  • Introduction to faculty participating in the Mathematical Finance Master's Program.

  • Course selection and planning

  • Computing at Rutgers

  • Introduction to the Hill Center Library

  • Career guidance, resume preparation, applications for internships and full-time positions

Arrows, Center, Inside, Middle, Centering, DirectionAcademic Integrity Code

All students are required to adhere to the program's Academic Integrity Code. Please read it carefully; it is your responsibility to be informed.

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We strongly recommend that all entering students purchase a laptop computer. This will be invaluable for course work, project work, job applications, and communication. We do not provide advice on computer purchases. However, most laptops purchased within the past two years should be adequate. We recommend a minimum of Windows XP or Vista, as either operating system will support all applications required by students, although Linux provides open-source versions of most applications and a dual-boot or virtual machine configuration (see the RU Student Linux Users' Group for advice) provides the most flexibility and user experience with Linux. Apple computers are popular, but the Mac OS alone will support fewer Microsoft applications required by students, such as Microsoft Visual Studio (C++ and Basic) or Excel add-ins.

Personal computers and software may be purchased at a student discount through the Rutgers University fintech computer store and Software PortalWireless Internet is available at most campus locations. The Office of Information Technology provides information for students about computing at Rutgers. The Department of Mathematics Computing Support page contains additional information which new students will find useful after their arrival. An introduction to Hill Center computer labs is available here. Our Quantitative Finance Software page provides links to applications useful for financial engineering.