MSMF Program Fall 2023 Orientation 

We welcome our new incoming class of Fall 2023. Let's begin this exciting journey together! 


Keeping in account the time difference of the US and other countries, we have posted the required materials below so that our students can review them as per their convenience, please take a moment go through all of them and if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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Toi Tyson, MA Director of Career Communities and Campus Partnerships


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Mei Ling Lo,  Math/Computer Science Librarian Science Research Librarian

Please visit the link below:


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Graduate school, particularly the first year, can be emotionally and intellectually challenging as students encounter the many demands of their coursework and research. If you want to talk to someone about your worries, anxieties, or fears, make an appointment to see one of the professionals at Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). All meetings are confidential.
Visit the CAPS website for more information or to make an appointment or call 848-932-7884.


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Every student should visit the Office of Information Technology's (OIT)  website. OIT provides the Rutgers community with an array of services, including:

Help & Support 
Access to free and University-purchased software 
Help with security 
Other technology-related services


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Students have access to MyRutgers, a portal to organize their academic and student lives.


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Registration is done online, using the Web Registration System, commonly called WebReg. The below video demonstrates how to use WebReg. Below the video are instructions for using Banner:


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Please view the calendar here 


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If you have a disability, contact the Office of Disability Services


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The mission of the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities (SJE) . is to promote "a supportive environment for students of all backgrounds, with a focus on gender and sexuality, while promoting both social and educational opportunities for leadership, identity, and social justice advocacy development.


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All graduate students have a responsibility to understand and to uphold the standards of the academic community. Without a commitment from all members of the community to work honestly and fairly, an intellectual inquiry will suffer. A high standard of honesty and integrity is expected of you—as a student, as a researcher, and as a teacher. Please read the Academic Integrity Policy.

Also, please read MSMF Academic Integrity Code


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Plagiarism is the representation of the words or ideas of another as one’s own in any academic work. Two levels of violations are recognized by the Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy—separable and nonseparable. For graduate students nearly all violations are considered separable, meaning expulsion from the university.


Have questions? Contact us

Call with questions: 848.445.3920
Email questions: finmath (at)