Resources for Current Students

Special Registration and Employment Information for International Students

The United States Department of Homeland Security imposes restrictions on course loads and employment for international students:

Reduced Credit

International students are normally required to register during the academic year for a course load appropriate for full-time students (9 or more credits for the Fall or Spring semesters). Students can apply for exceptions to the 9-credit rule by completing the reduced credit form (pdf) and indicating the reason for the reduced course load. Please visit the Rutgers Global-International Student and Scholar Services for more information. The application must be completed by the student and signed by the Mathematical Finance Program Director before it will be accepted by Rutgers Global. To be eligible for a reduced credit course load, the student must satisfy one of a limited number of eligibility criteria as certified by the program director.

Employment Authorization and Practical Training

Information and forms (pdf) regarding Employment Authorization, Curricular Practical Training (CPT), and optional Practical Training (OPT) are available from Rutgers Global. Students should seek the advice of an international student advisor regarding which is appropriate for their situation well in advance.

Normally, international students apply for CPT in order to take up employment as an intern in a quantitative finance research group at a financial institution (usually an investment bank, hedge fund, asset management company, or financial software company) and complete a report based on their research project and data gathered during the internship program. This is one of the ways in which a student may complete the required master's degree essay.

It is expected that the project will use and further develop knowledge gained from courses in the Mathematical Finance degree program. Students planning to participate in an internship program can (though this is not required) register for one (1) credit of the following course during each semester coinciding with their internship program:

Math 16:642:629. Special Research Projects in Mathematical Finance. Research project performed in connection with the master's essay for the Mathematical Finance option of the M.S. Degree in Mathematics, often as a part of an industry internship in quantitative finance.

Students should submit their project report – PDF format, prepared using LaTeX (strongly preferred) or Word only – to the Mathematical Finance Program office no later than two (2) months in advance of their graduation date; PowerPoint presentations converted to PDF are not acceptable. The project report must meet the standards applicable to master's degree essays completed during the academic year and will be evaluated using the same procedures. Students who wish to fulfill their master's degree essay requirement using an internship project should consult the Mathematical Finance Program Director well in advance of accepting internship offers in order to verify suitability of their projects.