Resources for Current Students

Internships and Practical Training

Many students have internships which are important ways to build their skills, network and obtain a full-time job. The MSMF policy regarding internships can be found below:
  1. First semester students are not advised to have an internship
  2. Second semester first year students can have internships based on their academic performance and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Ana and Sunita will make the recommendation together.
  3. Full time internships are reserved for second semester and third semester students and not first semester students.
  4. Students with full time internships (30+ hours) are not required to register for Math 630. This should be documented with an employer offer letter.

Practical Training Experience Requirement

Given its structure as a professional degree program, participation in quantitative financial industry practical training is an essential educational component of our curriculum and is required for all full-time students pursuing the degree program at some point within the first year following their initial enrollment. The location of the Rutgers New Brunswick campus close to quantitative financial industry employers in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and our program's relationships with employers make this requirement relatively easy to fulfill by any one (1) of the following methods:
  1. Internship in quantitative finance (recommended) with an off-campus, industry employer. Students are encouraged to seek the advice and assistance of the Director of Career Management Services during their internship position search.
  2. Regular quantitative finance industry position at a bank, asset management company, hedge fund, quantitative finance software company, or similar quantitative finance position at a non-financial firm.
  3. Quantitative finance research project under the sponsorship of a Rutgers faculty member (regular or adjunct). Students should submit a technical report which describes their project and results.
  4. Participation in the weekly Mathematical Finance and Probability or Mathematical Finance Career Seminar series. Students must attend at least four (4) of the seminars and select one (1) technical seminar from either series and submit an expository report summarizing and explaining, in their own words, the quantitative finance results or business model discussed in that seminar.
For methods 1, 2, or 3, the internship, industry position, or research project should be a minimum of four (4) weeks in duration.

International students should be aware of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services rules governing off-campus employment; for students with F-1 visas: please consult staff at the Rutgers Global-International Student and Scholar Services for advice regarding these rules well in advance of their internship search and before accepting any off-campus employment.

International students are not required to register for additional credits in connection with fulfilling the practical training experience requirement.