Resources for Current Students

Common Class Policies

Your instructor may choose to enforce all or waive all of the common MSMF course policies below. However, unless you are explicitly told otherwise, please assume that all polcies apply to your course.

Class attendance

Attendance is taken every week and students may be assigned a failing grade missing an excessive number of class periods, in whole or part. Students can be absent for two 80-minute periods without an excuse. Additional absences must be excused in writing. Unexcused absences may negatively impact course grade.

If you miss or expect to miss even one class, please use the University Absence Reporting website to indicate the date and reason for your absence. An email is automatically sent to instructor for that course.


Assignments may be submitted at the beginning of class each week only — assignments left in mailboxes, under office doors, given to departmental staff, emailed, faxed, or mailed are not accepted. No late homework is accepted, for any reason. Instead, some instructors may offer to drop one or two lowest scores for all students. Students may work together on assignments provided their submissions represent fair individual efforts. Assignments must be legible, stapled (no paper clips or loose sheets), and use US letter-size paper. Assignments which are not collected when returned in class are discarded.

Exam attendance

Make-up exams are not permitted. In a genuine emergency, such as a documented medical condition, students are expected to make every reasonable effort to contact the instructor in advance.

Incomplete grades

Incomplete grades are not given. Students who do not have adequate preparation or time to complete assignments or study for exams during the semester should not take the course.

Academic integrity

Students are expected to adhere to the academic integrity code.

Withdrawal dates

You are responsible for being aware of all deadlines, including those for course refunds or withdrawals. Please contact the Registrar if you are in any doubt regarding drop or refund deadlines.