Financing Degree and Non-Degree Studies

Financing Degree and Non-Degree Studies


Master's Degree Graduate Students

Please visit Student Accounting Financial Services for the Mathematical Finance Tuition and Fee schedules in the New Brunswick Graduate School page for the current year. (The Graduate School–New Brunswick Standard Tuition rates do not apply to the MS in Mathematics with Option in Mathematical Finance.) Official tuition rates for the program are confirmed each year by the University Board of Governors shortly after July 15 and generally increase relative to the previous year.

Please consult the Summer School website for tuition rates andfee schedules if you plan to take courses during the summer.

The exact cost of the program depends on choices made by each student, but it will be less than one half the cost of equivalent programs offered by private universities. Rutgers offers outstanding graduate programs of excellent value to its students.

Please note that there is no Rutgers fellowship or scholarship support available for Master of Science in Mathematics students pursuing the Option in Mathematical Finance. Students are expected to fund their course of study at Rutgers in its entirety. Those who have a grant or fellowship from an outside source are welcome to apply it toward the tuition cost of the program. United States citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to apply for student loans.

Students who wish to obtain summer internships are responsible for making their own arrangements, although faculty may offer advice about such positions as they become aware of them. Internship opportunities are often available at financial institutions in New Jersey and New York.

Non-Degree Graduate Students

Students who wish to take graduate courses in our program (part-time or full-time) should apply to Rutgers as a non-degree ("non-matriculated") student in the Graduate School-New Brunswick. Please consult our Admissions page for advice on how to apply, assistance with special permission numbers, and which tuition rate applies, as this varies according to the courses selected: Graduate School–New Brunswick Standard or Mathematical Finance rate provided by Student Accounting Financial Services for the Graduate School–New Brunswick.

Non-Degree Undergraduate Students

Students who wish to take one or more of our undergraduate prerequisite courses (part-time or full-time) should apply to Rutgers as a non-degree ("non-matriculated") undergraduate student in the School of Arts and Sciences, in order to take advantage of the lower undergraduate tuition rate – please consult the tuition rate provided by Student Accounting Financial Services for your chosen campus. If the schedule of classes shows that the class of interest has an open section, you may register online. For undergraduate mathematics classes at the New Brunswick campus, please contact the Undergraduate Mathematics Administrative Assistant, Ms. Patricia Sykes and request the    pdf special permission form for non-matriculated students (1.73 MB) (yellow form).

We strongly encourage non-degree applicants to apply online by the stated deadline. The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) may permit online applications after the stated deadline, but the online SAS application form may be removed without notice within a few weeks of the start of the next semester. If the online SAS application form has been removed, prospective students should submit the  document Non-matriculating Undergraduate Student Late Application (37 KB) after contacting the Undergraduate Mathematics Administrative Assistant to verify that the desired classes are still available.