Supplemental and Prereq Forms

The Supplementary Form and Prerequisite Course Description Document allows our Admissions Committee to accurately assess whether or not you have the prerequisites (or equivalent courses) necessary to succeed in our program. This can be difficult to tell from transcripts submitted by some universities in certain countries because the course titles used are too broad (for example, "Mathematics", "Advanced Mathematics", "Engineering Mathematics", "Computers", and so on). Your prompt submission of a carefully completed will ensure that your application receives the highest priority for early review by our Admissions Committee. We thank you for your cooperation and wish you good luck in your application to our Graduate School.

Supplementary Form Instructions

  • Please consult the example below for guidance if course subject titles on your university transcript do not closely match those on the Supplementary Form (xls).
  • The Supplementary Form is a Microsoft Excel file (1997-2003 Excel Workbook format).
  • Please refer to our prerequisites for information about which courses we require or recommend applicants take prior to entering our program.
  • Upload your completed Supplementary Form and Prerequisite Course Description Document (see below for instructions) at the Graduate Admissions Uploading Your Supporting Materials web page within three (3) days of submitting your main online application form and fee to the Office of Graduate Admissions.
  • Do not email the Supplementary Form or Prerequisite Course Description Document to the Office of Graduate Admissions or the Mathematical Finance Program Office.
Example: Your undergraduate major is Engineering and your transcript lists a one-year course called "Advanced Mathematics", beginning on 1 October 2007 and ending on 31 May 2008, offered by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Dublin, in Ireland. The three main topics covered were multivariable differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary differential equations. There were 5 lecture hours per week and a total of 28 weeks in the course, excluding breaks in between terms, a total of 140 lecture hours. Your instructor spent approximately 45 lecture hours on multivariable calculus (Autumn 2007), 40 lecture hours on linear algebra (Winter 2008), and 55 lecture hours on ordinary differential equations (Spring 2008). Enter the following information in Part 1 of the Supplementary Form for the subject Multivariable Calculus:
  • Institution: University of Dublin
  • Department: Mathematics
  • Course Number: Leave blank if not known
  • Course Title: Advanced Mathematics
  • Grade: Your final grade or percentage mark for "Advanced Mathematics"
  • Credit Hours: Leave blank if not known.
  • Lecture Hours: 45
  • Semester Year: Autumn 2007
  • Textbook Author and Title: Enter primary textbook used for the Multivariable Calculus part of this course.

Repeat this procedure for the linear algebra and ordinary differential equations parts of your "Advanced Mathematics" course, and for any other courses corresponding in whole or part to our prerequisites.

Do not list the same course twice or more in any part of your application without allocating and prorating the lecture hours as in this example.

Prerequisite Course Description Document

Please create and submit a Prerequisite Course Description List (a plain text or Microsoft Word-compatible document) if
  • Your undergraduate major or minor is not mathematics, or
  • Your undergraduate degree is not from an institution in the United States or Canada
You may create the document with any plain text or Microsoft Word-compatible editor, including OpenOffice Writer (free download) on Windows/Mac/Linux. Please include your full name, RUID number, and email address at the top of the document to ensure it will be correctly filed with the rest of your application. For each one of our prerequisite courses which you have taken or will take before graduation at your current university, your Prerequisite Course Description Document must include the
  1. Course title,
  2. Course abstract (summary or description) or course syllabus from your university catalog or instructor,
  3. Primary course textbook title and author, and
  4. Course final letter grade (or percentage mark).