Dear Employer,

      We are delighted to introduce you to students from our Mathematical Finance Graduate Program at Rutgers University. Our program is named in the Top 15 Quant Schools in the United States by Advanced Trading Magazine. Whether you are from a hedge fund, risk management firm, investment bank, insurance company, asset management firm or rating agency, we feel confident our MSMF students will impress you with their quantitative knowledge and capabilities. Our current cohort is a bright class of extremely talented students with strong math, technical and analytical skills well prepared in a rigorous program of programming, applied mathematical finance theories, systems, and applications. If you have opportunities in quantitative financial modeling R&D, derivative securities trading, financial software development, analytics, or risk management, connect with us.

      Though we offer a Master of Science degree in Mathematical Finance, the majority of our coursework is taught at the Ph.D. level. This enables our graduates to begin making an immediate contribution in the areas of quantitative financial modeling, research, portfolio management, derivative securities trading, software development and analytics, market risk management, and wealth management. Please feel free to visit for detailed information on our curriculum and program.

      We can assist you in multiple ways. We will work with you to promote the internship/job to our students; and provide you with copies of our resume books. We can also assist you if your firm has an interest in conducting on-campus interviews or participating in our corporate presentation program as a way to get to know our students.

      Thank you for your consideration of our Mathematical Finance graduate students. They represent a very special talent pool.


Triet Pham
Director and Professor of Mathematics Finance Master's Program