Explore different ways to to obtain Masters in Mathematical Finance

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Degree Student- Full Time/ Part Time 

Good at Mathematics and Statistics? Computer Programming? Interested in a career in Quant Trading/Risk/Analytics? The Mathematical Fiance Master's Program is best suited you. Those who have a strong mathematical background are encouraged to apply.  Graduates are prepared for rewarding careers in investment banks, hedge funds, asset management companies, financial software and data companies, and insurance companies. 
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Accelerated BA/MS Degree

The accelerated degree program for the Master of Science (MS) in Mathematical Finance is intended for current Rutgers students who wish to earn the MS degree, following their undergraduate degree, with minimum additional time and expense. A full-time student can complete an undergraduate degree in four years and the MS in just one academic year (two regular semesters or 9 months)  
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Dual Degree Applicants

The Graduate School-New Brunswick allows students who are current graduate degree candidates at Rutgers to earn an additional Master of Science Degree in another field. Mathematical Finance Master's Program allow both PhD and MS candidates to pursue MSMF degree.
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Applicants for Certificates

 The Mathematical Finance Master's Program offers certification to the degree candidates in Data Science and Statistics & Risk Management.
For Rutgers graduate students, except for those enrolled in the traditional M.S. in Statistics program, they can earn a Certificate in Mathematical Finance ( not applicable to students who are pursuing MSMF degree). 
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Non-Degree Graduate Student

The Mathematical Finance Master's Program allows Non-degree students to take courses from the curriculum. This a great way to explore the program without getting accepted in the matriculated degree. In the future, if the applicant feels inclined  towards pursuing the MS degree they can apply to the program and get degree credits for the courses they took as a NOD.
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 Note: Non-Degree Graduate student option is only applicable to US citizens/ permanent residents.