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We employ two or three assistants on an hourly basis or one on a part-time basis to assist us with all aspects of maintaining the Mathematical Finance program website.

Web assistants employed on an hourly basis have flexible hours and may work remotely at any location and any time; a minimum commitment of 5 hours/week is expected, with a maximum of 15 hours/week.

Web assistants employed on a part-time basis work during regular business hours in the Department of Mathematics; a minimum commitment of 5 hours/week is expected, with a maximum of 20 hours/week.

The positions are often filled by students who wish to supplement or replace a teaching or research assistantship.

A candidate's qualfications should align with one of the following combinations of skill sets:

  • Web design and maintenance: html, css, php, emacs or pico, and nvu.
  • Web technical manager: html, css, css template design, php, mySQL, and web-database integration.
  • Web copy editor: excellent writing skills required. The position will usually be filled by a student with an English or humanities minor and basic web skills, including familiarity with html and text-based editors such as emacs or pico.

Applications are welcome at any time. If you would like to apply, please email your résumé to us and include details of relevant skills or experience. Compensation, work hours per week, and schedule depend on the applicant's qualifications and are subject to Rutgers University regulations.

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