Graduate Portal Web Address

After logging into the Graduate Portal, make sure the address bar reads
and not
This page may not render properly or allow navigation. Correct the address by removing the final forward slash, "/".

VPN on Linux

Most linux distributions (for example, Fedora) come with their own VPN client bundled with their base distribution. One VPN client which works with the Rutgers VPN is:
vpnc - client for cisco vpn concentrator
The command
rpm -iq vpnc
will indicate whether this is installed. If installed, login as root and issue the command
This will connect to the Rutgers VPN with the following translation from the Rutgers settings for the Cisco/Windows clients at OIT VPN Documentation or :
Information on the Microsoft Windows VPN Client
IPsec gateway address:
IPsec ID: rutgers-ipsec
IPsec secret: rutgers
Username: yourrcilogin
Password: yourrcipassword
The following page (not specific to this particular "vpnc") provides general information relevant to VPNs and settings:
Virtual Private Network Consortium

ImageNow Documentation

Some basic ImageNow training can be found on the Rutgers Intranet.